Litigation Consulting Services

For over 30 years, AKM has been evaluating structures for non-compliant construction deficiencies.

Evaluation of and Response to Allegations

AKM’s team of experienced professionals will evaluate and analyze damaged or distressed structures by performing observations and investigations to document existing conditions, review relevant project documents and applicable building codes and/or manufacturer specifications in response to the allegations.

Construction Defect Evaluation

During AKM’s evaluation of potential construction defects, AKM can conduct the following:

  • Perform on-site observations to document as-built conditions to determine if defects exist
  • Review construction documents and conduct research to verify compliance to building codes, industry standards and manufacturer specifications
  • Prepare Intrusive Testing Protocol(s) to further investigate potential defects
  • Prepare Expert Opinion Report(s)
  • Prepare Repair Recommendations
  • Prepare Allocation Report(s)
  • Provide expert consulting for Mediation

Expert Witness Testimony

AKM offers extensive experience in providing expert opinions through Deposition, Arbitration and Trial testimony.