Forensic Investigation, Testing and Failure Analysis

Forensic Investigation: The investigation of materials, products, structures or components that have failed or did not operate or function as intended. Generally, the purpose of a forensic engineering or building envelope investigation is to determine the cause of failure with the intention of improving the performance or life of the structure or components.

Evaluation of Damaged, Stressed or Failed Structures

Through impartial analysis, AKM works to address questions of causation and liability through forensic engineering and architectural evaluation. Our qualifications include observing the physical elements, making an objective evaluation, and communicating the significance of the evidence to our client. This may include monitoring structures to provide a more appropriate repair recommendation or course of action.

Forensic Opinions Regarding Causation and Origin of Claim

AKM investigates construction claims to determine and understand the underlying basis of the claim(s) and provide opinions and conclusions regarding causation and the manifestation date of the claim(s).

Emergency Response

AKM is experienced at investigating, evaluating, and providing repair recommendations and opinions on causation for numerous structures impacted by construction defect(s) or other causes, such as:

  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Water Intrusion and/or Flooding
  • Wind
  • Snow
  • Earthquake
  • Collapse
  • Foundation Movement
  • Soil Heave or Settlement

Scope of Repair Determination

Utilizing our experienced professional team of architects and engineers, AKM can prepare a scope of repair for defective or deficient conditions observed on projects by:

  • Evaluating stressed structures through monitoring, comparison, and comprehensive analysis
  • Providing alternate, cost-effective, repair recommendations for distressed or failed structures
  • Designing alternate repair plans for distressed structures caused by soil movement
  • Providing detailed repair recommendations and plans, as well as construction observations of the repair work

AKM has prepared repair recommendations for thousands of structures with foundation and/or superstructural movement due to expansive/collapsible soils. The repair process has ranged from underpinning an existing structure to temporarily supporting and relocating the superstructure in order to replace the entire foundation system, then re-attaching the superstructure to the new foundation.